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Premises Issues Update

Publication date: September 2019

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Practices affected by issues with CHP and NHSPS will be interested in the latest update regarding work being done at national level to address these matters. 

In summary, the BMA has asked NHS Property Services for an urgent response to concerns over the worrying rise in service charges faced by GP practices. Failing this, legal action will be considered. BMA lawyers have set out in detail the reasons why it believes NHSPS is acting unlawfully in a letter of claim. If no satisfactory response is received, the BMA says it intends to take NHSPS to court. The BMA are currently engaging in the ‘alternative dispute resolution’ process proposed by NHSPS’s lawyers.
Further background to the issue can be found in a recent GPC policy leads update (see the Premises and practice finances update by Gaurav Gupta, pages 8-9). 

The BMA has a dedicated area on their website Support with Community Health Partnership (CHP) and NHS Property Service issues (NHS PS) which practices may find useful.
BMA guidance is clear that practices should engage with NHSPS, identify areas where there is a dispute and pay undisputed amounts. Practices should not be forced into any agreement which places the viability of the practice at risk and solutions must be sustainable. Practices should be mindful that the BMA are proceeding with legal action to address historical charges and should ensure that in reaching any agreement independently of this they do not put themselves at risk of any future liability or compromise their future position.

We are happy to provide advice and support to practices facing issues with premises. Contact details here