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Support - GPs, Practice Managers and Staff

Free Mentoring for GPs - Humberside LMCs 

A peer mentoring service from Humberside LMCs in partnership with GP-S. The service is free and open to all GPs in the Humber region.  GPs can access up to 4 free confidential sessions over 12 months.

#Caring4NHSPeople Wellbeing Webinars

Weekly webinars for people with a role in workforce, occupational health, organisational development, leadership, trade union support or other area that is supporting the wellbeing of our NHS people during and following the Covid-19 response. All are welcome to join NHS England and Improvement’s weekly virtual sessions. Follow the session live or watch a recording later. The sessions will be held every Wednesday between 4pm and 5pm.

Making General Practice a Great Place to Work - A Practical Toolkit to Improve the Retention of GPs (July 2019)

This toolkit, jointly published by NHS England, BMA and RCGP, is aimed at system leaders and clinical leads working across primary care to develop robust local retention action plans that provide GPs with the support they require to develop fulfilled careers in general practice. It also aims to tackle issues at practice, network and system level that may be impacting on local GP retention.

National GP Retention Scheme  

The National GP Retention Scheme is a package of financial and educational support to help doctors, who might otherwise leave the profession, remain in clinical general practice. These NHS England web pages explain who is eligible for the scheme and how to apply. 

Doctor Support Service  

Independent confidential support for doctors involved in a fitness to practise case. You can call the service throughout your fitness to practise case for emotional support from a fellow doctor who is completely independent of the GMC. The service is provided by the BMA but you don't have to be a member to access it.  

GP Career Support Pack (March 2019)

This document sets out the various types of support available to general practitioner’s at all stages of their career, whether in their first five years, mid-career, nearing retirement or after taking a career break.

GP Signposts for Yorkshire and the Humber (August 2019)

The aim of this directory of services for Yorkshire and the Humber is to provide further details of support, career opportunities and contacts to supplement the national support pack. 

RCGP Coaching Offer (March 2020)

Please follow the link above for information about coaching opportunities offered by RCGP. 

Health and Counselling:

The GP Health Service  

This is a free, confidential service provided by health professionals specialising in mental health support to doctors. It is accessible via a confidential national self-referral phone line, website and app, enabling GPs and GP trainees to seek information about the services available, access self-help tools, and access clinical support.

Mental Health Service for Doctors and Dentists

All NHS doctors and dentists in England now have access to a mental health service 24 hours a day through a dedicated phoneline and a crisis text service available through the night. This builds on the service already available to GPs in England. To sign up, call 0300 0303 300 or email prac.health@nhs.net (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm). Text NHSPH to 85258 for the out-of-hours crisis text service. Further details at  www.practitionerhealth.nhs.uk.  ​​​​​​

Wellbeing Support Services

Counselling and peer support services are available from the BMA to all doctors and medical students. Call 0330 123 1245 (24 hours) and you will have the choice of speaking to a counsellor, or taking the details of a doctor who you can contact for peer support.


Confidential psychotherapy open to all doctors. A confidential, not-for-profit psychotherapeutic consultation service for all qualified doctors of any grade or specialty. Support is always provided by Consultant Psychiatrists in Medical Psychotherapy. Financial contributions are requested from users of the service - see website for details. Open to all doctors - you don't have to be a BMA member.   

Doctors' Support Network

Peer support for doctors and medical students with mental health concerns. 

Sick Doctors Trust

Support and help for doctors, dentists and medical students who are concerned about their use of drugs or alcohol. 

British Doctors and Dentists Group

A recovery group for doctors and dentists addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. 


A phone line providing support for those affected by domestic abuse. Telephone 0808 802 4040 or visit www.respectphoneline.org.uk.   

Learn 4 Mental Health

A new  mental health resource to help you find ways to feel a bit calmer and for ideas to help you cope. Launched by Dr Alys Cole-King on 1st April 2020, it was co-funded by NHSE and involved an expert panel.

Wellbeing Apps:

A number of wellbeing apps are available to help with reducing stress, promoting mindfulness, helping with sleep problems and more.  The link below signposts those which are giving free access to NHS staff:


In addition, here are further suggestions:

Balance - Email access@balanceapp.com to request access.  Access was granted free of charge for one year in March 2020, we are checking if this will continue into April. 

Calm - Calm is offering a one month free trial.

Financial Help:

Doctors Help - Financial Support for Doctors in Difficulty

This is a website portal created by the main medical charities to help doctors in difficulty find the most suitable charity to apply to. Doctors, or their dependents, and medical students, can answer a very short questionnaire to find the best charity to help them. They can then link to that charity for more information about eligibility and application. Charities included are BMA Charities, The Cameron Fund, Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, Royal Medical Foundation, and the Society for the Assistance of Medical Families.  

The Royal Medical Foundation

A charity which aims to assist registered doctors and their families who are in financial hardship.

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund  ​​​​​​​

Help for doctors and their families in need. 

Whole Practice Help:

RCGP Practice Support  ​​​​​​​

The RCGP consultancy and support programme offers tailored advice and support to GP practices seeking to improve and develop their services and workforce.

Medical Defence Organisations:

Medical Protection Society  ​​​​​​​

Medical Defence Union ​​​​​​​

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